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Friday 2 August 2019, 1:13PM

Get to know the owner of Great Spice Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Bar on Bureta Road Tauranga, Khem Aryal.

Located on Bureta Road, in Tauranga, you will find this hidden gem of a Restaurant/Bar called Great Spice. Of course, behind every great restaurant is a proud owner so let’s get to know Khem Aryal.

Khem grew up in a tiny village in Nepal called Anpchaur, with his Mother, Father, younger brother and older sister. When he was just twelve years old, his father was bed ridden from an accident and passed away four years later. Being the eldest son, Khem held the responsibility to provide for his family alongside his mother. This meant that he missed the opportunity to continue with any further study beyond high school, although Khem was very intelligent.

However, during the four years that Khem’s father was bedridden at home, Khem spent his days caring for his father and cooking for his family. Khem’s father was an excellent cook and taught Khem all of his tricks in the kitchen. It was during this time that Khem grew a real passion for cooking. He was advised by relatives working in Europe that if he was a good cook, he could have the same opportunity and earn more money for his family. Soon after this, Khem started an apprenticeship at a restaurant in New Delhi, where he was able to further excel in the quality of his cooking abilities. He then made the decision to move to New Zealand, and with the help of his cousin Brother Bishnu he made this his new home.

Khem believes that the backbone of any restaurant is the kitchen and of course, the Chef. Service and hygiene are a huge factor as well. The Head Chef has previously worked in 4 and 5 star hotel kitchens before coming to work in New Zealand. Great Spice blend all their spices and their recipes are authentic and different from any other Indian restaurants. Khem takes pride in the presentation of his restaurant, with a very tidy stylish interior. The convenient location and free parking makes it easily accessible for all. As well as cooking, Khem loves the customer service side of owning and running his own restaurant. He enjoys meeting new people and mingling with the different cultures that bless the premises. Customers walking out with a smile is what makes his day. Khem’s wife Ganga has a passion for serving customers and has five years of experience doing so. Khem and Ganga work hard and well together to ensure a better life and bright futures for their two young daughters Krisha and Kristy.

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