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Thursday 18 July 2019, 2:38PM

Tauranga-based ethnic restaurant Great Spice Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Bar features a delicious house entrée menu.

Tauranga-based ethnic restaurant Great Spice Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Bar are serving up scrumptious entrees that are a must try.

“You can choose your mouth-watering entree from a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options,” says Great Spice Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Bar owner Khem Aryal. The Great Spice house special entrées are a special treat for anyone dinning at Great Spice Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Bar.

One of the many highlights of the house entrée menu, is the Murg Kalimirch Kebab. The Great Spice Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Bar Murg Kalimirch Kebab is made from tender boneless chicken which is then marinated in paprika and yoghurt, roasted in tandoori oven. “This dish is a favourite amongst locals,” advises Khem.

Want something to share? Then the great platter for two is a must buy! This is a combination of two pieces of Chicken tikka, two pieces of Garlic Tikka, four pieces of Tandoori Prawn and four pieces of spring roll. The Tandoori platter is another great option for sharing.

Looking for a great vegetarian option? Then the Chilli Potato is a perfect food for you! This dish features marinated deep fried potatoes cooked with Julienne capsicum, onion and green chilli finished in an Asian style.

Rising in popularity is the honey cauliflower starter. This dish showcases fresh cauliflower battered fried, then it is toasted with ginger, garlic, spices and garnished with NZ Honey and spring onion.

Turn up the heat with your choice of chilli garlic prawns or scallops. It’s your pick of marinated prawn or scallops, sautéed in the frying pan to perfection then served with sautéed mushroom and Great Spice Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Bar chefs’ special gravy.

Are you a seafood lover? “Then the Tandoori Prawn should be your number one order,” adds Khem. This delicious dish is made from fresh king prawns marinated with yoghurt, ginger, garlic and spices than roasted in tandoori oven.

Need a healthy option that won’t have you cheating on that diet? Then the Tandoori Chicken Salad is perfect fit! This dish is made from crisp and fresh mix Salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, Capsicum, Feta Cheese and Tandoori Chicken using own Dressing.

Other house entrée options include Honey Cauliflower, Chilli Garlic Prawns/Scallops and Dum Kabab, just two name a few.

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