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Friday 16 August 2019, 10:17AM

Great Spice Indian Restaurant & Bar on Bureta Road in Tauranga showcase their historic location.

If you are new to the area or the city of Tauranga, Harbour Road runs along the Tauranga waterfront and casually flows into Bureta Road. Two blocks down Bureta Road you will find a restaurant called Great Spice Indian Restaurant & Bar. If you are strolling down the street you will most likely smell the aroma of rich blended spices and freshly steamed rice before your eyes discover where it is coming from.

The name Bureta originates way back to the 1900’s when the land was purchased by Bowyer Corbett. For nearly half a century, divisions of the land were sold off and occupied by dairy farms with a variety of different owners and operators over the years. In addition to cows, the farms also produced various vegetable crops such as potatoes, maize, kale, turnips, mangolds and chou mollier. By 1974 the area had been developed into a subdivision of houses, a church and Catholic school, and finally a hotel.

Great Spice is a family run business that provides impeccable customer service and mouthwatering authentic Indian cuisine. Owner and manager Khem Aryal and his wife Ganga Aryal are active workers in their Bureta Road restaurant and take pride in maintaining the presentation, service, and of course the food. Being present in the Great Spice environment allows Khem and Ganga to oversee every maneuver and recognise when changes need to be made to suit their customers every want and need. With two young daughters at home, Khem and Ganga lead very busy, dedicated and fulfilled lives.

Whether you are in Tauranga for a day or spending a week or two ticking off the list of popular local activities and countless sights to see, your bodies will yearn for tasty but nutritious food at the end of a long day. What better way to fuel your energy levels and satisfy your taste buds than a hearty healthy Indian curry from Great Spice on Bureta. In order to enjoy this sought-after seaside destination to its fullest extent, book a table at Great Spice on Bureta as an incentive to make it through your eventful day.

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